About me

My name is Laura and I am fascinated and interested in the past. Ever since secondary school, I have had an interest in history. I think this was down to having such an amazing history teacher who made it fun and fascinating. He taught me that it was not all boring and academic – that we can explore, question and visit the sites where our ancestors have been – that history is not one set story but a mixture of stories and as historians, we have to sift through it all to identify the truth.

I try to visit as many historic sites as I can and delve into the history of my local area of Southend, Essex. From doing this I have come to realise that one does not need to have had a battlefield or castle in one’s garden to enjoy history. It is everywhere – even down to the street and town names. They all have their origins in our past. And that is what The Local History Blog is about.

I have worked for the amazing charity Historic Royal Palaces and have been fortunate to work at such locations as the Tower of London and the Banqueting House. I have given talks and tours on London , Tudor and Stuart History and I am an amature Ripperologist.

I have recently become a mum to a lovely little girl who will be accompanying me on my travels. And I am currently writing a book on Katherine Parr with Pen and Sword Books.

Please follow me on social media, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and most recently TikTok.

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